Legacy Global Sports

Legacy Global Sports

Legacy Global Sports is an events management company with expertise in elite youth sports, camps, and tours for sports such as hockey, soccer, and lacrosse. This web application allows users to create accounts and sign-up for events and tours. They can also arrange for travel services (hotels and flights) and purchase optional items. In this project I worked with a small team to build the AngularJS frontend.

AngularJS Task Application

Task Application

This task application structure was based on methods from the book Getting Things Done by David Allen. Firebase (AngularFire) was used for data storage.

When tasks are added they are automatically put into the inbox. The user can create lists and tasks can be added to multiple lists. Descriptions can be added to tasks after they are created.

The app makes use of the Firebase email login and password reset features.

Prerender.io Presentation

Prerender.io presentation

These are the slides from my July 2014 presentation at the Columbus JavaScript meetup and August 2014 presentation at the Columbus AngularJS meetup.

StrateSphere.com CMS

StrateSphere.com CMS website

The StrateSphere.com website is a CMS built with Django. This was a collaborative effort where I created all of the jQuery effects on the site including a parallax effect on the home page and a full-page timeline slider. I also coordinated with the project lead to create the Django models and views.

The site is completely responsive and also includes a blog (news section).

Full-Page Timeline Slider


I built this jQuery full-page, responsive timeline slider to meet custom requirements on a project. We needed a full-page responsive slider that could be used to demonstrate a company timeline. This slider also needed to work within a framework which had dynamically generated content. I was easily able to incorporate it into a Django project as shown here.