Category: jQuery

D3.js Weather Graph

D3.js weather graph

This time-series weather graph was built with D3.js and jQuery. It presents a 36-hour, hourly temperature forecast for the user-specified location. The record high, record low, normal high, and normal low temperatures are all shown for comparison. The local time for the specified location is shown on the x-axis.

Weather Underground’s autocomplete API is used for obtaining location details which are then used to query (WU) for the hourly, three-day, and archived forecasts (in a single request). jQuery is used for the API calls and for the autocomplete effects.

Full-Page Timeline Slider


I built this jQuery full-page, responsive timeline slider to meet custom requirements on a project. We needed a full-page responsive slider that could be used to demonstrate a company timeline. This slider also needed to work within a framework which had dynamically generated content. I was easily able to incorporate it into a Django project as shown here.

Farkle Game for Two Players

Farkle game

Farkle is a dice game for two players. I first created this game in Ruby (played on the command line). It begged to be written in JavaScript so I created this version. The logic is all JavaScript and the effects were done with jQuery. You can try it out here.