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Music Events

Music Events

This Music Events application is built in Django and makes use of the api and the Google geocode api. Users need to register for an account and log in. They can then either have their browser get their location or enter a location. When a use (location) button is clicked, a Google map appears with the ten most recent upcoming music events marked.

Below the map is a table showing more event details. Artist and venue detailed info is linked from the table and map info boxes. When a visitor comes back the site, all previously selected locations are available for checking music events. CMS CMS website

The website is a CMS built with Django. This was a collaborative effort where I created all of the jQuery effects on the site including a parallax effect on the home page and a full-page timeline slider. I also coordinated with the project lead to create the Django models and views.

The site is completely responsive and also includes a blog (news section).

Zoomable D3.js Interactive Map

Interactive D3.js map

This zoomable interactive map was built with D3.js for an insurance adjusting service website. Clicking on a state causes it to zoom to fit the map area. There is a tooltip feature that shows the number of insurance adjusters in a city (on hover).

I also wrote a Python script to retrieve the adjuster data from an adjuster portal API and to retrieve geodata from Google’s API. This data is processed with Python and printed to a CSV file which is then referenced in the D3.js code.

The map is in service here.