The website was built in AngularJS and allows users to create accounts and watch live videos of BMX racing events at both a free and subscription level. I worked as part of a team to create the admin panels which allow admin users to enter event information and upload videos. I wrote the Protractor E2E tests for the site.

Ketogenic Therapies, LLC

I built in AngularJS. The client required a site that was upbeat, yet tasteful for the intended audience of terminal cancer patients. This static site made use of Angular’s routing feature and includes some jQuery effects.

Pykl Studios

The Pykl Studios website was a collaboration. We built the site in AngularJS with jQuery effects. I participated in all aspects of the project and wrote all of the Protractor E2E tests.

Farkle Game for Two Players

Farkle game

Farkle is a dice game for two players. I first created this game in Ruby (played on the command line). It begged to be written in JavaScript so I created this version. The logic is all JavaScript and the effects were done with jQuery. You can try it out here.

Coating Line Simulation Using D3.js

Coating line simulation animation

This is an animation of a coating line process. I created it with D3.js, a JavaScript library for data visualization. In this case, I used D3 to animate the movement of 10 items that go through a coating and curing process. Check it out here (note: This animation works best on Google Chrome, and requires a modern browser–not IE8). This animation was used for analysis during the engineering/development phase of building a production line.